doi:  10.3878/j.issn.1006-9895.1606.16152

The Impact of an Improved Planetary Boundary Layer Parameteriza­tion Scheme on the Simulation of Fog
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基金:  国家重点基础研究发展计划(973计划)项目2012CB417204,国家自然科学基金项目41175095、41575103
中文关键词:  MYNN(Mellor-Yamada-Nakanishi-Niino)方案  湍流通量  边界层参数化  稳定层结  
英文关键词:  MYNN (Mellor-Yamada-Nakanishi-Niino) scheme  Turbulent flux  PBL (Planetary Boundary Layer) parameterization  Stable stratification  Fog
黄翊HUANG Yi中国气象科学研究院灾害天气国家重点实验室, 北京 100081
彭新东PENG Xindong中国气象科学研究院灾害天气国家重点实验室, 北京 100081
Citation:HUANG Yi,PENG Xindong.2017.The Impact of an Improved Planetary Boundary Layer Parameteriza­tion Scheme on the Simulation of Fog[J].Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences (in Chinese),41(3):533-543,doi:10.3878/j.issn.1006-9895.1606.16152.
      In order to improve the planetary boundary layer (PBL) parameterization over complex underlying surface for better calculation of vertical turbulent transport of energy and substances, and verify the effect in numerical simulation over China, an improved MYNN (Mellor-Yamada-Nakanishi-Niino) PBL parameterization scheme is selected in the WRF model to simulate two heavy fog cases that happened in the Yellow Sea on March 17th, 2009 and in North China on December 4th, 2011, respectively. The new MYNN scheme is tuned based on the observational PBL data over different underlying surfaces. In this paper, we attempt to simulate the evolution of both the land and sea fog events, and explore the boundary layer structure and the impact of the modified MYNN scheme on these simulations. With reference to the FY-3 satellite imageries and sounding data, it is found that better simulation of the horizontal distribution of the vertically integrated cloud water can lead to better simulation of generation, movement and spatial distribution of the heavy fog over both the ocean and land areas. The vertical profiles of temperature and mixing ratio of cloud water illustrate more reasonable vertical structure of the fog and the stable stratification. In addition, the new scheme improves the low-level vertical distribution of potential temperature and the specific humidity in the fog area.
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